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Restore Balance

Counselling support through loss, divorce, parenting and caregiving, career, substance use, and relationships


You are welcomed as you are, free to share your truth, knowing that you will be accepted, supported, and believed. In this space your knowledge, strength and experiences are honored along your journey to wellness and balance.


Jennifer Mussell
Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)
Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (C. Hyp)
Registered Social Worker (RSW)

FNHA Approved Provider

Metis Nation of BC Service Provider

Jennifer Mussell

Restoring emotional and behavioral balance in your life

A dedicated counsellor with a passion for supporting individuals on their journey to mental well-being, I provide telephone and virtual counselling to individuals across British Columbia.


My counselling practice is client-centred, trauma-informed and inclusive, offering a safe, healing space that recognizes the connection between mind and body to allow for emotional expression, truth sharing, and compassionate support. Through a collaborative approach, and dependent on your needs, I draw on integrative approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT),  narrative therapy, and hypnotherapy.


My expertise extends across a spectrum of challenges including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, career concerns, loss, parenting and caregiving, and substance use. I walk alongside you, drawing on your knowledge, strength and experience to empower you to regain emotional and behavioral balance in your life.

For clients who are interested, integrate clinical counselling hypnotherapy to increase the benefits of CBT or narrative therapy. Hypnotherapy is used to support clients dealing with a range of issues including: inner child healing, PTSD and other trauma, anxiety, confidence, motivation, anger management, and breaking unwanted habits like sugar addiction or nail biting. We regularly find ourselves lost in thought, or adrift in music, or immersed in work - during hypnotherapy I support clients to harness that natural ability to drift off and guide them through a personalized therapeutic experience, promoting lasting positive change and emotional well-being.

I look forward to becoming a trusted partner in your personal growth and healing journey. 

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